Check out GLOSS, a great new J-pop group for you to obsess over

They’re cute, bilingual, and have a killer first song.

April 13, 2018

This morning, I was introduced to a new J-pop group called GLOSS via twitter user @hopethblack and this thread. They only have one song, but I have already decided to stan for life.


According to the thread, GLOSS (not to be confused with Girls Living Outside Society's Shit, the sadly defunct Olympia punk band) is made up of three members, two of whom are Black Japanese: Sakura is half Tanzanian and Lil Domi is half American. Third member Kemy Doll is half Filipino. All three are so cute and exude the type of confidence and power I can only wish to have. In the music video for their debut single, "Big Mad," which dropped April 11, there's one part where Sakura looks into the camera while smoking a cig, and now I've officially added "smoke a cig with Sakura" to my bucket list.

More importantly though, the music is good. "Big Mad" places their alluring, auto-tuned vocals over a sparse, ringing beat. They rap-sing in both English and Japanese. Not sure if that means they will try for a U.S. crossover in the future, but if they do, I will be there, in the front row.

There isn't much information about the group online (and what little is available is in Japanese, which I can't read) but it appears that they were launched by a small label called Fresh And Killa. The "Big Mad" video, according to the YouTube description and Google Translate, was supported by BCDMG, a seemingly hip-hop-centric entertainment and management company in Tokyo. Anyway, I wish them luck, and am excited for what's in store.

Check out GLOSS, a great new J-pop group for you to obsess over