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Watch Childish Gambino perform “This Is America” on SNL

It features the dancing kids from the song’s recently released music video.

May 07, 2018

Donald Glover hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend and performed two new songs under his alias Childish Gambino. On Monday, footage of his performance of "This Is America" hit the internet. Like the blockbuster Hiro Murai-directed music video (which received a tweet from Kanye West), the live performance of "This Is America" features a shirtless Glover and lots of great dancing. Only this time around, there's a holographic laser set-up as well, and an introduction by Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya. Watch "This Is America" above and watch Childish Gambino's performance of his new song "Saturday" here. Childish Gambino will head on tour soon with Rae Sremmurd and Vince Staples, and is working on a final album.

Watch Childish Gambino perform “This Is America” on SNL