Alert: You need these fluffy Dr. Martens sandals this summer

Yes, you read that correctly.

May 10, 2018

Watching the trajectory of brands across decades can be entertaining and insightful, and Dr. Martens has had a particularly fascinating arc. The British footwear company began as a sturdy shoe popular among working-class factory workers, gained traction with skinheads and punks, and now teens can make their parents buy them from Urban Outfitters. It's an impressive timeline, and the brand has stayed true to its functional roots for the most part.


Dr. Martens has dabbled with making statement shoes, and the release of their Yelena sandal is proof that they're getting there. The chunky platform sandal has a faux-fur trim that's cutesy without feeling totally off for the brand — it still has its signature durable soles, after all. A furry summer sandal raises some alarming questions about foot sweat, but the optimist in me says it's flattering, and because it's Dr. Martens, it'll likely last forever.