Donald Glover says Stevie Wonder has watched Atlanta

“All the time I’m like, ’How’d he do that?’”

May 11, 2018
Donald Glover says Stevie Wonder has watched <I>Atlanta</i> Donald Glover attends the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story at the El Capitan Theatre on May 10, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.   Frazer Harrison/Getty

Earlier this week Donald Glover's life got a little sweeter when he was invited on stage in Los Angeles by Stevie Wonder to perform "Superstitious" with him. Glover chatted about the moment during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, saying it was not his first interaction with Wonder and hinting that he might be a Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind truther.


Picking up the story, Glover told Kimmel: "I used his songs in Atlanta and you have to ask special permission. I called him, I got his number. So we're texting, [which is] already crazy. I'm like, 'Hey Stevie I want to use your song.' He's then like, 'Well send it over, let me read it. It gets turned into Braille, gets sent to him, he reads it and then we don't hear anything."

At this point Glover says he called him again and tells Wonder that he just got the first cut of an episode back and wants to see how it works with his music. That's when Wonder asked if he could watch the rough edit. "He just texts back like, 'Man, I love it,'" Glover said. "All the time I'm like, 'How'd he do that?' Like, touching the TV screen like, 'This is funny?'"

Check out the clip below.

Donald Glover says Stevie Wonder has watched Atlanta