5 weird flasks to carry this summer

I’m not telling you what to put in your flask, I’m just suggesting that you get one.

Illustration Clay Hickson
May 18, 2018

It's gonna be a hot one, y'all. Don't be out here thirsty, dehydrated, and complaining about a $20 drink at a crowded, overrated festival. Bring your own shit, and you'll have a much merrier summer.

Keep scrolling for five inventive items to help you store your precious liquids this season.


Bejeweled bracelet flask
Bible flask

God bless whoever thought of this.

$17 on Amazon.


Hair brush flask

Two functional items in one.

$18 on Amazon.

Sunscreen flask

Sunscreen is important but also, tequila.

$15 on Amazon.


Camera lens flask

Take a shot every time someone asks you “what kind of lens is that?”

$12 on Amazon.

Posted: May 18, 2018