Pusha T says Drake is offering $100k for “info” on him

“Can’t no amount of money create skeletons that don’t exist.”

June 01, 2018

Pusha T and Drake's beef has been the talk of the internet this week with Pusha revealing Nardwuar-style investigative skills in his quest for victory. Right now we're still waiting on Drake's musical response to "The Story Of Adidon," though he did speak out to clarify the image of him in blackface used on the cover.


If Pusha T is to be believed, Drake is offering big money for the kind of secrets needed to score a powerful reply. In the early hours of June 1, presumably from Wyoming, he tweeted: "You got a 100k floating around for info? Can’t no amount of money create skeletons that don’t exist... #ImUpset 🤣"

Drake isn't named explicity in the tweet, though the hashtag and general tone doesn't leave much to the imagination. Should someone take the $100k Pusha has already said he has more content to come.

Posted: June 01, 2018