Kanye West on beef between Pusha T and Drake: “this is dead now”

Is it?

June 02, 2018

Last week, children, wives, and mothers were brought into a long-brewing beef between Drake and Pusha T. Not only were diss tracks released, but also, Drake sent an invoice to G.O.O.D. Music for $100,000 and Pusha T posted a photo of Drake in blackface. According to Kanye West, all that is done with now.


Early Saturday morning, after the release of his album, Kanye tweeted that he's "never been about the beef" and that he is "about love." Over the past few weeks, Kanye has repeated that he is all love, even amidst his insistence that slavery was a "choice." Now it seems the love has killed the beef, as Kanye ended his tweet with "this is dead now." Time will tell if the tweet will serve as the official decree, or if Pusha T will continue his surgical summer.