A second woman accuses Riff Raff of sexual misconduct

Kelsey Doucette says the rapper tried to coerce he into sex when she was 17.

June 05, 2018
A second woman accuses Riff Raff of sexual misconduct Rapper Riff Raff arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards August 25, 2013 at the Barclays Center in New York.   EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty

A second woman has alleged sexual misconduct claims against Riff Raff. 20-year-old Kelsey Doucette says the rapper tried to coerce her into sex when she was a minor. Doucette first shared her story on Facebook on June 1, the same day Australian Eliza Stafford alleged she was drugged and raped at one of the rapper's concerts in 2013.


Doucette subsequently spoke to Jezebel about her experience. She said she met Riff Raff when she was 17 when he played Milwaukee, Wisconsin as part of the 2015 Warped Tour. Two friends of hers have verified her story to the publication.

The incident Doucette recalled to Jezebel allegedly began at a meet-and-greet at the Warped Tour stop. She says Riff Raff took her to one side and asked if she was single before asking for her contact details. Her and her friends contacted him throughout the day and arranged to meet up. They were then met by a member of Riff Raff's team and taken to the rapper's tour bus.

When they approached the bus, Doucette claims she was told by a crew member that her male friends may not be allowed on board and that she should ask Riff Raff. Once on the bus with one female friend, Doucette says she was offered a tour of the vehicle by the rapper which made her feel "super, super awkward." She alleges that when they reached the bedroom he forcibly “pulled [her] hand” and “made [her] lay down on the bed.” “I was just freaked out and he could honestly probably tell I was freaked out,” she said. .

Doucette says that Riff Raff began to touch her legs, her arms, put his hand on the inside of her waistband, tried to kiss her on the lips, and asked her if she was on birth control. “Even though I kept swatting his hands away and stuff and just kind of nonchalantly moving them away from me, he kept trying to touch me and trying to kiss on my neck... and at that point I was like, please stop, don’t do this anymore,” she says. Doucette eventually excused herself from the situation and left the bus, where her friends were waiting for her outside.

Riff Raff is yet to respond to request for comment on either Doucette or Stafford's allegation. The FADER has reached out in response to this latest story.

A second woman accuses Riff Raff of sexual misconduct