Dean Blunt shares new compilation Muggy Vol. 1

Download the album from the British artist now.

August 29, 2018
Dean Blunt shares new compilation </i>Muggy Vol. 1</i>

Dean Blunt has returned with a new compilation titled Muggy Vol. 1. In typical Blunt fashion, the free-to-download album does not include any credits or artist names. The 9-track project was released on Wednesday via Blunt and Inga Copeland's World Music Group label.


Earlier this year Blunt was credited on multiple tracks on A$AP Rocky's Testing album.

Last year Blunt shared a new album called Hotep under the name Blue Iverson as well as a Babyfather mixtape, Cypher. He also created an opera with Mica Levi which was staged in London in October.


Stream Muggy Vol. 1 here or download it via WeTransfer.


"moët lean"
"dum draco"
"spiritual solution"
"london scene"
"duo wave"

Dean Blunt shares new compilation Muggy Vol. 1