QUIÑ’s “REMIND ME” is a sweet antidote for all your life’s worries

Hear the singer’s new track now.

August 30, 2018

Lately, everything I've been listening to has been sad as shit. Enter Los Angeles singer QUIÑ, whose uniquely sweet voice and gently shimmering "fantasy soul" seem to have arrived at the perfect moment — a daydream-inducing antidote for all life's worries.


Today, the vocalist releases "REMIND ME," a heady mix of hazy beats and starry synths that will make an appearance on her forthcoming project Lucid due in September. It's coupled with an equally dreamlike video the features her lounging on various luxurious fabrics which honestly, is inspiring me to be better at taking care of myself!

QUIÑ writes via email that the new track is about "a simple daydreamy reminiscent moment in time. It’s my little reminder of what falling in love feels like, featuring my best friends; my little sisters.”

She adds that her upcoming project Lucid is "about being born again; remembering who you are, and the powers you possess. It's about allowing yourself the love and space to be able to hear your own voice. It’s about getting a grip on the fact that we can do anything; and about realizing that collecting every flavor of true love is the ticket to all of your wildest dreams." Well, there's your motivation for the day; listen and watch above.

QUIÑ’s “REMIND ME” is a sweet antidote for all your life’s worries