This is the best Eminem impression

Chris D’Elia has mastered it.

September 04, 2018
This is the best Eminem impression Eminem performs at Lollapalooza. August 1, 2014.   Theo Wargo/Getty Images

To the pleasure of fans and pain of his detractors, Eminem's flow has always been distinctive. As he raps on "The Ringer," a new song off his surprise album Kamikaze, "All I am simply is just an MC" — one who often sounds a bit out of place against rap's current sound. No matter how you feel about Eminem or his place in the 2018 rap game, I feel like you can appreciate comedian Chris D'Elia's impression. He clearly knows the ins and outs of Eminem's delivery, intonation, and rhyming tics – suggesting he may be a fan, or was one at a time. Using that knowledge, he stretches it out hilarious lengths. Watch some D'Elia clips below, including a mash-up with Eminem's 2017 BET Cypher.

This is the best Eminem impression