This is the best Eminem impression

Chris D’Elia has mastered it.

September 04, 2018

To the pleasure of fans and pain of his detractors, Eminem's flow has always been distinctive. As he raps on "The Ringer," a new song off his surprise album Kamikaze, "All I am simply is just an MC" — one who often sounds a bit out of place against rap's current sound. No matter how you feel about Eminem or his place in the 2018 rap game, I feel like you can appreciate comedian Chris D'Elia's impression. He clearly knows the ins and outs of Eminem's delivery, intonation, and rhyming tics – suggesting he may be a fan, or was one at a time. Using that knowledge, he stretches it out hilarious lengths. Watch some D'Elia clips below, including a mash-up with Eminem's 2017 BET Cypher.

Posted: September 04, 2018