Yves Tumor’s new song “Economy of Freedom” feels apocalyptic and beautiful

Hear the experimental artist’s newest single now.

September 04, 2018

Yves Tumor's "Economy of Freedom" begins as a smear of static. The Tennessee-born experimental artist has always pushed forward tumultuous collages of noise, and on his newest track, debuting today on The FADER, he works with electronic Danish artist Croatian Amor to create a stark-sounding collision of television fuzz, breaking glass, and metallic clashes. It feels slightly incoherent until midway through; a stuttering beat kicks in and, as if an adhesive, pulls all the floating parts together into a cohering, shifting mass. At this point, Tumor's vocals enter, wispy, distant and almost lovingly asking: "Won't you lie next to me, through the fire? Won't you cry next to me?" It's a bit apocalyptic, but the beauty and calm that emerges in the second half of "Economy of Freedom" feels to me like a brave confrontation.


This is the latest in a recent string of releases by the artist since he signed to WARP records a year ago. Yesterday, he dropped "Lifetime" on Beats 1 Radio, which was preceded by "Licking An Orchid," and "Noid." Hear "Economy of Freedom" above.