Jillian Jacqueline debuts “Sad Girls” video

From the country singer’s new EP, Side B, which also features her Keith Urban collaboration “If I Were You.”

September 20, 2018

Fall is here, practically, and it’s time to get weepy. Enter “Sad Girls,” from the very versatile Jillian Jacqueline. Her recent EP has plenty of poppy moments, but this one is straight, dreamy folk-country, especially if your dreams are filmed in dappled Super 8.

“When I wrote this song, the imagery I had pictured was definitely a rainy city street at midnight,” Jacqueline says, “but when I came to my longtime collaborator and friend Patrick Tracy to direct this, we both gravitated towards the visuals of a soft romantic image we had seen of 1970s models in a field of flowers. It’s the first time I’ve shot something quite so ethereal in nature and I think it fits the song beautifully. Side note: I did in fact get poison ivy from laying in this field. It sucked.”

Jillian Jacqueline has a pretty wild backstory — she was a child performer in Kenny Rogers’s Christmas show on Broadway and toured in a band with her sisters before spending her late teens away from music. After college, though, she headed to Nashville, first working as a songwriter and now, at 30, as a solo artist signed to Big Loud (Jake Owen and Mason Ramsey, who I recently met in Nashville).

Side B is out, and now she’s on a pretty massive tour opening for Kip Moore.


Jillian Jacqueline debuts “Sad Girls” video