NyNy and Daboii’s new song “Arco” is an emotional hit

A teen hang turns contemplative in this new song and clip from the young rapper.

October 11, 2018

If you’re not famliar, Arco’s the name of a string of gas stations sprinkled around Northern California. It’s also the name of 18-year-old up-and-comer NyNy’s new song, featuring friend and SOB x RBE member Daboii.


The song and video, premiering today on The FADER, was shot in one of these spots, and features cameos from friends like Lul G, Kiing Rod, and Qrealwitdasteel as they hang near the slushy machine and kick it around their car. The whole thing reminds me of one of those aimless nights you have as a teen when there’s nothing going on, so you drive around town with your bros to pass the time, really thinking about your friendships and how y’all are growing older.

Produced by Eyeswideshut, “Arco” procures a mellower sound than we’ve heard from NyNy, but it suits her. She sounds stronger, and surer of herself, both on the song and in her words. “Had to put the camera down, pick the mic up, lyrics,” she raps of her recent foray into music. “When that nigga switched up, my heart broke / Can’t trust no females ‘cause they all faux.”

Daboii, known for his more brash sound and growling delivery, takes on a more solemn tone here, too. “Me and Daboii was in a studio in LA, he had started playing the beat and it was just a vibe,” NyNy says of how the song came to be. “He did his part first and I fed off how he was rapping to try and make the song sound like a whole melody and something different we both never did before.” It worked, the song’s really, really good.

Watch “Arco” above, and look out for more from NyNy.

NyNy and Daboii’s new song “Arco” is an emotional hit