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Questlove to Perform at InVisible Pop Up

Visible’s Instagrammable exhibition will fuse technology, music and fashion

November 08, 2018
Questlove to Perform at InVisible Pop Up

With the rise of digital music, there are very few things people can't find and listen to with a phone and an internet connection. Visible, the new app-based wireless carrier backed by Verizon, is meeting music fans where they are: on their phones. But even as people rely more on technology to meet their needs, some things just have to be experienced live -- like Visible’s Instagram-ready pop up InVisible NY.


Tucked behind a crude electronics repair shop in SoHo, get your photo snapped and be whisked away into the world of InVisible NY, a collision of technology and music, of modern innovation and timeworn traditions. Through five separate installations, it pushes the limits of your imagination, sending attendees through a journey of chaos and confusion and on to relaxing moments of peace and calm.

But no experience is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Music extraordinaire Questlove -- renowned for his percussive contributions to The Roots and, later, for his work as a writer, DJ and the music director for The Tonight Show -- will join the VIP party on November 12. With over 30 years of work under his belt, a Questlove show is an unpredictable show. His reach stretches to far flung corners of jazz, soul, pop and hip hop, and it's impossible to predict which bag he'll pull from on any given day. RSVP for the night of November 12th and be treated to a free, VIP Questlove performance, brought to you by the FADER and Visible. We’ll see you there.

Questlove to Perform at InVisible Pop Up