Rozi Plain’s “Symmetrical” will bring your energy back to center

Hear the lush new single from the London folk artist’s upcoming LP, What a Boost.

January 14, 2019

London-based singer and musician Rozi Plain has been working the city's alt-folk scene for a minute now. A good friend of the charming This is The Kit's Kate Stables, Plain has toured extensively alongside her, and found the time to release several solo records of her own. Her last was Friend of a Friend, a companion project to her exquisite and quietly pop-folk record Friend, in 2016. She's now gearing up to share her fifth project, What a Boost, expected April 5 via Memphis Industries.


Today, The FADER is premiering "Symmetrical," a lovely and lush tune which finds Plain contemplating the little, off-centered moments in life against the quiet shuffling of a shaker. "I remember at school learning the term asymmetrical and giving it a lot of thought - why bring up symmetry at all if it's not symmetrical?" Plain wrote of the song via email. "Now I understand how useful it is sometimes to be able say what something isn’t. Sometimes you need to be okay with the things that aren’t in sync in order to get closer to syncing something up.

“The video is me trying to watch a street lamp turn on. I’ve always been into catching street lamps turning on or off. What a boost when you see it! Me and my nephew Joe actually got up early the same morning and were trying to film one turning off but were just setting up the shot and chatting about it and then it turned off. Then we went to a café and had a nice laugh about it. This one turning on is actually the last switch on of 2018! It's by my parent’s house where I was for New Years. My friend Clementine March edited the lyrics and cord patterns into it. Just for a bit more to look at really.”

Rozi Plain’s “Symmetrical” will bring your energy back to center