6 Dogs levels up for the “Guccy Armor” video

Watch new visuals from the Atlanta rapper’s recently released single.

February 21, 2019

6 Dogs is the teenaged rapper from the Atlanta suburbs who rode the post-Yung Lean wave to millions of streams for songs like "flossing" and "faygo dreams," as well as an Interscope Records contract. His new song "Guccy Armor" sounds like something a JRPG-obsessed rapper in Adventure Time would drop, and the song's charming music video, premiering today, is similarly playful with its VHS-tinging stunting. Check it out above.


In an email, 6 Dogs wrote: “It’s Hanzo on the beat u dig? We made the beat and recorded same day off the vibes. I was really just tying to make something saucy and abstract. Cool like a cucumber.”

Thumbnail photo by Arlaina

6 Dogs levels up for the “Guccy Armor” video