Eminem has not taken Netflix canceling The Punisher well

At all.

February 21, 2019

If you had to bet what show Eminem likes to binge after a long day in the studio then Marvel's The Punisher, a relentlessly gritty story of revenge set amid New York's criminal underworld, would have been a good bet. The only issue is that Netflix just cancelled the show, confirming earlier this month that it won't return for a third season. The news didn't cause a huge outrage (Netflix are slowly ending all their ties with Marvel as the comic book giants' parent company Disney preps to launch its own streaming service) but Eminem isn't letting the show go down without a fight.


Adopting his best Stan tone, he wrote Netflix an open letter, via Twitter, telling the company they are "BLOWING IT" with their decision. Netflix's own Twitter account is pretty chatty, so don't bet against a response coming pretty soon. In the meantime, perhaps Eminem could find something to relate to in the violent and misogynist story of You? Or mix things up a little and check out Russian Doll. The possibilities are endless.

Thumbnail images courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty/Netflix.

Eminem has not taken Netflix canceling The Punisher well