DaBaby’s “Pony” video is a gruesome Scarface homage

Baby On Baby out now.

May 20, 2019

North Carolina rapper DaBaby is enjoying a strong placing on the Billboard Hot 100 (number 22 for "Suge"). That momentum probably has him feeling like the world is his, so he's earned his tribute to Scarface in his video for "Pony," playing above.


Baby stars as a hammed-up version of Al Pacino's Tony Montana, complete with a bad wig and worse Cuban accent. The video opens on a recreation of the infamous dismemberment-in-the-shower scene, but unlike the film, ScarBaby has a family and throws a birthday party. There are baby crocodiles and tigers, a Donald Trump pinata, and Stunna 4 Vegas, who steps on a cake. Watch above and listen to DaBaby's recent project Baby On Baby here.

DaBaby’s “Pony” video is a gruesome Scarface homage