Baby Smoove raps over The Godfather theme in his “Akorn” video

The Detroit rapper shares a new video from his June EP, La Vibes.

June 17, 2019

When it comes to regional rap styles, Detroit has been tightly holding onto theirs — piano and bass-driven beats with rapid hi-hats and behind-the-beat rapping — for the last decade. Baby Smoove is one of a large handful of up-and-coming artists in Detroit who's been building on the sound. Since April, he's released two projects and one EP, each showcasing slick one-liners and clever storytelling delivered in a subdued, almost disinterested, flow.


"Akorn" is a song from his recent La Vibes EP that namechecks a pharmaceutical manufacturer of Codeine syrup. It finds Baby Smoove rapping over a beat that samples The Godfather theme song and nonchalantly planning to "wake up tomorrow and buy a necklace" before asking, "Why in the fuck do my palms keep itching?"

In the video, which premieres on The FADER today, he alternates between the block and the gas station with stacked styrofoam cups attached to his hand. "Pouring juice, sipping pop, on a corner with my oppz —  a video was shot to remind these niggaz how they not fucking with me," Baby Smoove said over email. Watch the video above.

Listen to Baby Smoove's new project, Mr. Perfect

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Baby Smoove raps over The Godfather theme in his “Akorn” video