Swedish prosecutors will not appeal A$AP Rocky’s sentence

The rapper will not face the prospect of a harsher sentence.

August 27, 2019
Swedish prosecutors will not appeal A$AP Rocky’s sentence A$AP Rocky at A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise music festival in Biddinghuizen. August 18, 2019.   FERDY DAMMAN/AFP/Getty Images

Prosecutors in Sweden have declined to appeal the sentence handed to A$AP Rocky in August, after the rapper was found guilty of assault in Stockholm.


Prosecutor Daniel Suneson confirmed his position in a statement obtained by CNN. His decision rested on the difficulty of proving that Rocky and his entourage used bottles as weapons during the melee. The statement reads: "I have accepted the District Court's evaluation of the evidence, in as much as the use of whole or broken bottles during the assault has not been proven. After due consideration, I have chosen not to appeal the verdict."

The rapper was handed a two-year suspended sentence on August 14, and not required to serve any additional time in jail — Rocky was imprisoned on July 3 and allowed to return to the United States on August 3.

Rocky's case attracted international attention. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West lobbied President Donald Trump to intervene — Trump subsequently sent off a series of tweets and ordered the country's Presidential envoy for hostage affairs to oversee Rocky's trial. After Rocky returned to the United States, the White House was upset that the rapper didn't thank them directly, according to a Yahoo! report.

Swedish prosecutors will not appeal A$AP Rocky’s sentence