DaBaby gets personal on new song “Intro”

It’s his first new track in six months.

September 19, 2019
DaBaby gets personal on new song “Intro” DaBaby   (Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for BET

Six months ago, DaBaby's single "Suge" entered the Billboard Hot 100, and the North Carolina rapper's trajectory as one of the hottest new voices in music was confirmed. He hasn't released any solo music since his album Baby on Baby dropped, but the drought ends today with "Intro." If you have a friend that thinks DaBaby is too jokey, or doesn't have the range, play this for them: "Intro" is a personal and touching song wherein Baby describes how two members of his family died just as his career was taking off. Just try not rooting for DaBaby after hearing it, I dare you.


DaBaby's last name, Kirk, is also the title of his upcoming album, due out in September. He recently appeared on remixes for two big hits, Lil Nas X's "Panini" and Lizzo's "Truth Hurts."

DaBaby gets personal on new song “Intro”