LA Timpa peers into the past from the future in the “Around” video

The Toronto experimental artist’s new album Equal Amounts Afraid is out December 6.

October 28, 2019

LA Timpa has been one of Toronto's most intriguing musicians for a few years — his haunting, dubby sound exists on a plane by itself, devoid of scene or coexisting community. Timpa's trajectory thus far has not included a debut album, but on December 6, he'll release his anticipated project Equal Amounts Afraid. The music video for the project's first single "Around" premieres today on The FADER. Kathryn Tompkins uses found footage from a nursing home talent show, in which an elderly white audience is entertained by a Tina Turner impersonator. Like Timpa's music, the imagery is uniquely joyful and haunting in the most penetrating way.


“I think Kathryn and I both agree on creating work that almost has the quality of treasures," TImpa said in an email. "Something that feels like it had been hidden away for who knows how long and gifted from an external/internal force. This approach to making stuff is very important to us.”

Preorder Equal Amounts Afraid on Bandcamp below:

Thumbnail photo by Sarah Piantadosi

LA Timpa peers into the past from the future in the “Around” video