Dounia questions her love in her “DELIGHTFUL” video

Sometimes mutual feelings don’t add up.

December 10, 2019

The Moroccan singer Dounia, now based in Queens, has returned with the slow-burning video for "DELIGHTFUL." The capitalization motif in her project and song names contrasts with the singer's soft singing that feels as light as breathing out.


Surrounded by candles, the slow shots of Dounia moodily singing “We should definitely feel better than this" makes the somber piano line feel even heavier. In an email, she explained the natural flow of the song that came to her: "It’s wild to me — I was sad one early, early morning and decided to open up Logic, sleepy whisper into the mic over some piano and ended up ultimately creating DELIGHTFUL.”

"DELIGHTFUL" comes off of her latest project THE SCANDAL, from July this year.

Photo: Yoshi (NEEX) Uemura

Dounia questions her love in her “DELIGHTFUL” video