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Daddy1 rules, and here’s the proof

The young dancehall artist is already part of Jamaica’s hottest music collective, and his charisma is making him one of the island’s most exciting acts to watch.

February 14, 2020
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Humble soul 🙌⭐️6️⃣

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Who Are They?

Name: Daddy1
Style: Dancehall with trap undertones, filled with innovative catch phrases that's taking Jamaica's youth by storm.
Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Why Should I Listen?

In dancehall, a deejay's use of vocal tones and inflections are just as important as the actual words they say in their songs. It's a huge contributing factor as to why an artist like Popcaan's music is so infectious—he'll go from alien-like high pitch quips to deep bellows to nasally harmonies in one verse like it's nothing. One of the more exciting newcomers on the scene, Daddy1, is of that same ilk. Part of the Squash-led 6ixx movement, the Montego Bay native started to rise at a rapid pace in 2018 when tracks like "Raving" began to circulate on the internet.


What makes Daddy1 such an exciting artist to witness is his sheer charisma, which can often compensate for a lack of experience. He's constantly coming up with new slang—most namely calling close friends "Brogad," which has taken the internet by storm. And on songs like "Custom," he incorporates flawlessly catchy hooks that quickly become online language among his fans. Daddy1's rise feels fresh in that it seems to be fully youth-driven in a way that much dancehall hasn't been in some time. When you see footage of him performing at local shows, the bulk of the crowds that tend to finish his lyrics before he even says a word look to be mostly made up of teens and people in their very early 20s. In a very short amount of time he's become the face of dancehall's youth culture and it feels like he's just scratching the surface of his musical potential. It also doesn't hurt to have top notch artists within the genre like Squash and Chronic Law on his team. Right now is just the beginning for him.

Where Should I Start?
Daddy1 rules, and here’s the proof