Vegyn and Lauren Auder share “Halo Flip”

“’Halo Flip’ came from a desire to make something that truly felt larger than life,” Vegyn said.

November 08, 2023
Vegyn and Lauren Auder share “Halo Flip” Joshua Gordon

Vegyn has dropped a brand new single titled "Halo Flip." The song features vocals from Lauren Auder and comes with a video showing a group of friends dancing by the Hudson river. These images accompany a track filled with spacey drums and random vocal idents, perfect for those with nostalgia for downloading low quality MP3s from LimeWire.

In a statement, Vegyn says: "'Halo Flip' came about from a desire to make something that truly felt larger than life. Loraine [James] and I were playing around in a session and settled on these chords via the Arp Solina. The song immediately had this grandiose nature to it and I knew straight away it was special. Lauren came in a few days later and added her parts bringing the whole thing together. A few months of gentle tweaking and arranging brought about the song you are hearing now. Ultimately it’s a track about returning home, about always being welcome and about never being forgotten by the people that matter most."

Auder, meanwhile, adds; "The song is about friends, about the relationships that serve as scaffolding to our lives. The care that often goes unspoken and more often still unsung about."

"Halo Flip" follows Vegyn's "Makeshift Tourniquet," which was released in September. Last year he released Don't Follow Me Because I'm Lost Too!!, a mixtape comprising 75 songs. Auder is a British-French singer-songwriter whose debut album the infinite spine was released in July via True Panther Records.

Vegyn will be in the U.S. in December for a handfull of live shows. See below for his upcoming schedule.


Vegyn live dates

December 6 - New York - Webster Hall
December 8 - Chicago - Thalia Hall
December 14 - Los Angeles - The Fonda
December 16 - San Francisco - The Regency

Vegyn and Lauren Auder share “Halo Flip”