Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox, “Walkabout” MP3

July 17, 2009

In FADER #49, Bradford Cox aka Atlas Sound told Black Lips' Cole Alexander:

"It's not good to be trapped in that same state of mind for your whole life. It's a sad and difficult thing, actually. It's like never getting over something and trying to work it out over and over and over again. The sounds may be a little more advanced, but I'm essentially making the same kind of art with the same kind of ideas that I was when I was a kid."

On "Walkabout," the first song from his upcoming album Logos (Oct 20, Kranky), Cox sings along with Noah Lennox, What did you want to see/ What did you want to be/ When you grew up, and generally seems to be focused on moving on, becoming an adult, or at least acknowledging that he can't be a child anymore. The song samples the bubbling keys of "What Am I Going to Do" by the Dovers, as inspired by some tour bus song games between Cox and Animal Collective, and reflects that song's simple and beautiful pop, with Cox and Lennox's signature soft layers. If Logos is in any way as good as this song, we will not need much else in the fall.

Download: Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox, "Walkabout"

Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox, “Walkabout” MP3