Dirty Money f. Drake, “Hurt (Loving You No More)” MP3

Listen, we didn’t title our Drake cover story “Drake’s Rise to Fame and Fortune” because he’s our cousin. We’re sure in the time leading up to his debut album, Drizzy will bless many a major song with stellar guest verses, but this one is particularly good, even if it’s on a song where Diddy uses Auto-Tune to sound like T-Pain if he was really depressed and on a ton of Xanax. Like dude, cheer up, let someone else sing and Drake go bananas—it’s still money in your pocket.

Download: Dirty Money f. Drake, “Hurt (Loving You No More)” *Removed by request of Bad Boy Entertainment

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  1. Karen says:

    Can’t stop playing this!!!

  2. mia says:

    i love drake

  3. Christian Chambers says:

    wtf, why did that stupid company take this excellent song off… omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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