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Renaissance Man, Berlin Kreutzberg Institut Mix


If you're a regular reader of, you know that we like to champion artists who are unwarrantedly unheralded (like Wild Yaks) and that we like to regularly post the output of our favorite prolific musicians (like Gucci Mane) (confidential to Caramanica: whatup). Renaissance Man are, it seems, a little from column A, a little from column B. Despite the risk of maybe saying something that isn't quite correct and maybe a little uncomfortable, we're gonna say it anyway and say that having now listened to a good amount of RM's originals, remixes and mixes, they are the new Diplo. Not that the old Diplo went away but do you remember when he made a Twista remix sound incredible? The song "Tattoo" by Twista. But the remix. Like, dude. Not that there's anything wrong with Twista, but, like, yeah, ok not the best source material. And then lemme see your tattoo girl, lemme see your tats, tats all of a sudden sounded dangerous and pretty original? Renaissance Man is like that. We listened to them remix Health, a band maaaaaybe not the most best band ever, and it was slick and blubbery and dance music but still from the appropriate wilderness. This mix, for the Berlin Kreutzberg Institut, is an hour long, fairly hip-house-y and definitely filled with a lot of random acapellas they love to tease in and loop, is really shuffling and heavy until 35 minutes deep when it sounds like they recorded the sounds from Hungry Hungry Hippo and spliced them with Hal from 2001's Gogol Bordello cover band. Then they just have someone saying "loco" over and over. And then the drums from Bel Biv Devoe "Poison." It's so difficult when you listen to music to not be like "wow these guys smoke DMT" (do you even smoke DMT? Honestly what is DMT, we're not that cool. Not that they even have DMT in Finland, right?) but this does not sound linear. But it never sounds crooked. Just lopsided. But still functioning. Like a hunchback. Ok, Renaissance Man is a hunchback. But like a really good looking hunchback. Giselle and Tom Brady finally have that baby and he's a DJ. Maybe David Bowie and Iman is a better example. You know what we're getting at.

Download: Renaissance Man, Berlin Kreutzberg Institut Mix

Renaissance Man, Berlin Kreutzberg Institut Mix