Ghetto Palms 97: New Mavado / Money Tree / Exclusive!


Deep down I sometimes wonder if you all even appreciate the amount of dancehall exclusives I shower on the internet in this space. I just do and do and do for you kids. But some day soon I will get a real job and then you won’t have Ghetto Palms to kick around anymore. Anyway, this week I have a sneak preview of the new Money Tree riddim from Livity productions, the same author of the massive Good Life riddim which spawned Vegas’ “I am Blessed,” not to mention Leftside’s Weird Al Yankaversion “I Love Breast.”

Money Tree Blend
Almidon, “Hustle”
Bramma, “This Anthem”
Bugle, “Never Scared”
Demarco, “Work Hard”
Mavado, “Nine Life”
Chan Dizzy, “Go Hard and Dun”

Download: Ghetto Palms Money Tree Blend

You may recall that a TOK vehicle with a Buyout/Like Glue type feel to it dropped a minute ago, also called Money Tree. I addressed this with the Alliance’s minister of propaganda Julian Jones-Griffith—who gave me the exclusive—and he said: “Yeah we heard about that one after we named this one but fuck it, a NEW MONEY we say!!!!”—which is why I’ve labeled this the New Money blend, just to avoid confusion. Maybe it’ll become a thing.

Demarco’s “Work Hard” is by far my fave so far, mostly because he strips away the minor keys and lets his voice echo over the track in parts so you can hear how tuff the actual riddim section is. But anyway, these four tunes are just the tip of the tropical iceberg, mind ya Qs and I will unleash the Vybz, Vegas and Seranis next week, just in time for the riddim to drop on iTunes on April 27th.

Some other Palms updates: Vybz Kartel’s “Clarkes” is also for sale on iTunes, sheepskin Wallabee’s not included. Meanwhile, Wills Glasspiegel—who did all the fieldwork on my shangaan electro post—produces radio for Afropop Worldwide in real life and just unveiled an audio documentary on the original gangster of ethnographic field recording, Hugh Tracey. Listen here.

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  1. deener says:

    hey how do you download if it goes straight to quicktime?!

  2. la family dub is readin & listenin man, don’t get a real job

  3. Deuce Deuce says:

    hey dont leave Ghetto palms…we appreciate your work….real talk!

  4. stepha says:

    this mix is the only thing that HAPPENED today. dont stop

  5. D says:

    Yes fam, ya doin it big as always!!!! Stay Blessed

  6. Eddie STATS says:

    4 comments: I’m back on the job!

  7. Eddie STATS says:

    @deener: the url for quicktime player ends in .mp3, just save to your desktop…

  8. leo says:

    hey eddie, even if you dont post so often, dont leave this!! your exclusives are great.!
    love from portugal

  9. mike says:

    this blog has been essential to the growth of my dancehall n cumbia consciousness… yr doin gods work man!

  10. MVargas says:

    Yeah. I probably would still be a complete ignorant on all things dancehall if it weren’t for this blog. Keep up the good work.
    Respect from Costa Rica.

  11. tang says:

    we appreciate you, big homie.