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Panda Bear's Powdered and Pampered New Single


Look at that art! It's a little booty! Because when we think of Noah Lennox, we think of baby butts. The Animal Collective luminary will drop his new single "You Can Count on Me" October 19, aka the day a million school kids skip lunch to hit the record shop. According to Domino, the tracks are "a gentle duet between Panda Bear and himself," which bodes well for his self-esteem—good to know you can count on yourself, you gotta take care of you, dude. Hugs to the little boy getting the piggy back ride. The B-side is "Alsatian Darn," which he performed live at Pitchfork Fest this year. It sounds like a seance invoking Neu!, experimental pianist Henry Cowell, and the Ghost of Christmas Past. Pre-order here.

Download: Panda Bear, "Alsatian Darn (Live at P4K Fest 2010)" (via GvsB)

Panda Bear's Powdered and Pampered New Single