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Salem, "Asia" (oOoOO Remix) MP3

Normally this is the point where we'd make some joke about how insular this whole affair is. A dark dude mixing a dark trio to—SURPRISE—dark results. But here's the thing: remixes of Salem songs, at least official ones, are few and far between, and we'd like to think this is because on their upcoming album King Night, Salem have developed such a carefully composed, sludgy, blown out atmosphere that it would feel intrusive for anyone to mess with it really. That said,oOoOO is more or less the perfect man for the job, chopping up the original with wavering John Carpenter keys and breaking up its fuzzy low end with haunting dead space. Download below the jump.

Download: Salem, "Asia" (oOoOO Remix) (via Stereogum)

Salem, "Asia" (oOoOO Remix) MP3