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Video: Nite Jewel, "We Want Our Things"

Okay, here is how we imagine Los Angeles right now. Ariel Pink is wandering around the city with Puro Instinct with a crappy boombox and a mattress while Nite Jewel hangs in dark alleys singing syrupy, stoic jams like this one. Meanwhile, Teen Inc. are playing late night jazz clubs and turning down a billion wedding band offers a day. There's Dam-Funk driving by with Madlib in the back seat listening to a Flying Lotus album! Basically, it's safe to say that the city is undergoing another artistic renaissance, and this time it's especially weird. Which should be obvious from this Ola Vasiljeva directed video. It is super slow, eerily beautiful in a Lynchian way and features a lot of melting and a costume that alternately reminds us of a peacock and a cocoon.

Video: Nite Jewel, "We Want Our Things"