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Raekwon, "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" MP3

When we interviewed Raekwon for FADER TV this summer he said that Wu-Tang was an extra-hard working machine. So working on his new album, what he was trying to do was have fun again, not necessarily bust his head too hard to produce personal best or to match the level of training he put in for the heavyweight tournament of past sessions. From this new clean leak and the other track we've already heard from the forthcoming Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang it sounds like taking on an easy-riding brain did let The Chef dive down into the fountain of his own youth, that he found a good-for-him sweet spot in this familiar swamp of menacing bass and strings and karate fliks. Now he sounds hungry too, determined to do his best work for one more hour til giving himself a waffle break. In the future there will be a much better mastered version of this, which is why we'll buy the album. March 8th!

Download: Raekwon, "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang"

Raekwon, "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" MP3