Stream: Ducktails f. Panda Bear, “Killin the Vibe”

January 12, 2011

Hey Vibe Killer,

Baby be easy! Please handle your wandering eyes. Right now at least, there's no bigger, better thing. Did you want to go to the restroom? Do you need a snack? If you're feeling nauseous, try to look straight ahead. If you can't figure out where you are, don't get puffy just ask for directions before things get any worse. There's nothing that will harm your self-esteem more than to let yourself give up. Flipped over, there's some guaranteed victory the exact second you start trying to do something you thought you wouldn't. Take a child's pose if you need one! We're all girls here, taking it light,


This version of "Killing the Vibe", a rock-candy plea from Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile's latest album as Ducktails, laced with Panda Bear's voice and good energies from Dent May and Jarvis Tarveniere of Woods, is only on the iTunes and vinyl version of Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, out January 18th.

Stream: Ducktails f. Panda Bear, "Killin' the Vibe"

Stream: Ducktails f. Panda Bear, “Killin the Vibe”