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Iceage, "White Rune" MP3

Schnipper heard this and started sending us Face to Face YouTubes from his office a couple doors down—and yeah, we see the comparison: huge choruses and a baritone. Only Iceage sound (and are) so much younger and darker. Not exhausted, instead full of...not anger, but a kind of disaffected fuck you that doesn't come from being bored, but instead comes from being perpetually dissatisfied. That's how it sounds anyway. Maybe these are just some kids from Denmark who like fucking shit up with their music, that's fine too. Iceage's New Brigade is out now in limited release on Dais Records, but is seeing wider release from What's Your Rupture? June 21st.

Download: Iceage, "White Rune"

Iceage, "White Rune" MP3