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Kreayshawn’s Kitty x Choppas Mixtape

May 24, 2011

With "Gucci Gucci" gone viral there's no doubt that the Kreayshawn myth is going to get a little more convoluted before it gets any clearer. This may be the case with her Kitty x Choppas mixtape, which was released under the radar last fall but was recently posted on DatPiff and livemixtapes.com on the heels of "Gucci Gucci"’s success. The attention Kreayshawn's getting is very real, so real, in fact, that she's being christened by Snoop Dogg as "the missing link between the white girls who all love rap music, and all the dudes who rap." But being the white girl in a male-dominated rap arena who's "going to make people comfortable to listen to the music, especially girls," is quite a burden to shoulder, and hopefully carrying that title won't influence Kreayshawn's distinct swagger. So far, it seems she's got a good attitude about the hype:

I'm just happy, I'm trying to be like the rapper Spice Girl, you know, just empower everyone.

Download: Kreayshawn's Kitty x Choppas Mixtape (via DatPiff.com)

Kreayshawn’s Kitty x Choppas Mixtape