Kreayshawn’s Kitty x Choppas Mixtape


With “Gucci Gucci” gone viral there’s no doubt that the Kreayshawn myth is going to get a little more convoluted before it gets any clearer. This may be the case with her Kitty x Choppas mixtape, which was released under the radar last fall but was recently posted on DatPiff and on the heels of “Gucci Gucci”’s success. The attention Kreayshawn’s getting is very real, so real, in fact, that she’s being christened by Snoop Dogg as “the missing link between the white girls who all love rap music, and all the dudes who rap.” But being the white girl in a male-dominated rap arena who’s “going to make people comfortable to listen to the music, especially girls,” is quite a burden to shoulder, and hopefully carrying that title won’t influence Kreayshawn’s distinct swagger. So far, it seems she’s got a good attitude about the hype:

I’m just happy, I’m trying to be like the rapper Spice Girl, you know, just empower everyone.

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  1. MJ says:

    Here we go giving the girl more credit than she deserves… yall are reaching and seems like the push is more that she is white then actually a dope artist.

  2. real music fan says:

    this is going too far. this is terrible music.

  3. InternetF says:

    Wasn’t really any need to cover this, the mixtape is terrible and doesn’t really compare to “gucci gucci”; thus it’s no surprise it went under the radar. Bumpin bumpin a bit of tumblr hype when it dropped but nobody could get on board with this garbage

  4. ragga twin says:

    She sounds like the female 50 Tyson, you all should be ashamed of yourselves

  5. travis says:

    She’s cute and she’s has her own unique style which is 90% of the job. I hope she blows up. 1 million views for Gucci Gucci is serious.

  6. Jon c says:

    Big ups to the UK’s Southern Hospitality for posting this when it came out – always on the ball!

  7. This mixtape is barely music. It’s like MC Chris meets Atom and his Package. Does knowing this shit exists give you hipster cred? There are far more deserving female MCs, ones who spit real rhymes, and come in any number of nationalities and skin tones. Y’all have the fever for the flavor of the month. She will not be around next year. Cool your jets.

  8. step it up fader says:

    i agree with everyone here. i’m just genuinely interested to hear the editorial decision making process behind posting/hyping/cosigning in sentiment this crap. because fuck any group of white girls who run around acting like they come from hood environments saying nigga (as shot by their HD cameras with impeccably designed princess bedrooms in their moms house with large mac monitors in the background) trying to start shit. so many people who ACTUALLY come from that environment fight tooth and nail to get out of it. and you motherfuckers are so confused about what “swag” means nowadays, everyone is trying to cosign the latest hype to “stay relevant” and pretend they have any clue what the fuck is going on (from diddy, to snoop, to YALL). the sociological context – fuck it, the REALITY of this shit gets completely ignored. in a phrase, everyone drinking the koolaid. its not as simple as a young girl “doing her thing with her own style”. posturing in a lifestyle that is almost completely false is some new kind of racism.

    and yes, this mixtape is BAD.

    but OMG did u guys see odd future in the gucci video? SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

  9. Fell Away says:

    Whether its good or not is a point to argue, but what you can’t argue is that these girls have tremendous short term potential. They could make millions in a very short amount of time with the right people around them. If I was in charge of a label I’d sign them asap. They are the anti-vanessa hudgkins or whatever the fuck her name is.

  10. Dear Step it up Fader says:

    To the comments by step it up fader….yeah im not a fan of kresayshawn’s mixtape either and i agree about your sentiments in regards to lil b and odd future , but I went to high school with this chick before she dropped out and im not gonna lie man…shes a hood ass bitch….she can walk around the worst neighborhoods here in oakland and get love…which is why so many hood ass dudes ask her to direct their videos…honestly the crew i see her run with out here would go bad on odd future

  11. read her interview says:

    One thing I noticed about the video you came out with, a lot of the rapping on it seems really well-written. And that’s not always the case on a lot of pop-rap. Was there something you were modeling that after? What was your inspiration, how did your verses come about?

    I had the mixtape, Kitties and Choppas, which is just me goofing off and freestyling, but this was really me, sitting down and working and building with the producer and everything. Taking my time with this. When I put it out, I put a whole bunch of work into it. I knew it was gonna be big, because I put a lot of work into it and so did everyone else. But I didn’t know it was gonna be so crazy, like, everyone is going so crazy over that.

  12. grimey90s says:

    kreayshawn is from east oakland, but so are all of different types of people. I know her, & shes not from the projects, but because shes from a part of east oakland shes using it to her advantage to get some credibility. i mean what record label wouldnt jump on her, shes a suburban white/asian hipster kids dream; an affirmation that if this little white girl can say nigga so can they, giving them some type of hood credibility for their sad suburban souls. natassia is not as HOOD as she makes herself out to be, she kicks it with female hipsters, carries a gun she doesnt use, is up to date with the slang, & shes an oppurtunist, she thinks because she sells drugs shes some type a king pin, EVERY ONE in the bay sells drugs, especially the people who feel like they got something to prove ie) white girls from east oakland, thug ass asians, hipsters. she has talent, but she needs to realize the hood is a term so broad and shes able to fool people with it. she is not from the projects, or even the bad part of oakland, she wasnt even born there, & v nasty aint from there either, the bitch lyin; enough wit the gun talk.

  13. Ahkzo says:

    whack sauce. phoney. but hey, its a popularity contest and she’s accomplished cool kid status. congrats on that.