Video: The Weeknd, “Wicked Games” (Dir. by Storm Saulter)

Because of Abel Tesfaye’s notorious reticence to be photographed, the imagery associated with his project The Weeknd, captured in cover art and in un/official videos, is a collection of imagined movie stills. Accumulated, these foggy glances at bare legs, tiny dresses and apathetic, angry pouts illustrate a nebulous, early-morning place somewhere between SoHo, Toronto and Los Angeles. Jamaican filmmaker Storm Saulter was stirred to create his own scene of that drama, this time painted in glossy, wet color. He traveled with two cameras, his brother Niles, Claire Osman and actress Racquel Jones to Portland, Jamaica, hoping to create he says, “a moody, voyeuristic, sexy but sad,” pairing for “Wicked Games.” Jones’ acting is unnerving and committed. Watching, you hope she won’t pour her whole stash of champagne into the flower planter, and you wince when she laughs, then cries. Saulter is best known for his movie Better Mus Come, a drama exploring the cause and impact of violence in late 1970s Jamaica, an era marked by brutality and the relentless opposition of rival political parties. His less-known music video for Wayne Marshall and Mavado’s “My Heart” remix is an overlooked gem.

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  1. haha says:

    bitch – ugly. video – terrible.

  2. Say wut fader? says:

    Lets not get it twisted Fader,

    at least mostly when you post shit, you have the balls to be upfront about it.
    As far as fan-made videos go, this is not exactly a grade A project. apart from the painfully unoriginal barely a story -story arc there are just some plain corny and cringe worthy moments in this video… and no it has nothing to do with the “moody, voyeuristic, sexy but sad,” feeling this director said he was going for. (Yes the best way to explain your project is by throwing around vague, descriptive adjectives like… “sexy. and sad” )

    Calling what this woman did ‘acting” is generous enough. calling it unnerving and committed. makes me question you journalistic integrity (yes… irony)

    Just to clarify, this video isn’t exactly the ugly step-sister. Sure there was a certain amount of directing style and you can’t deny quality…. not that its hard to make Portland Jamaica look… “glossy and wet” (seriously…. what the fuck do you think your writing a review on?)

    but lets me real..

    Here’s a hip hip hooray to another fan-made attempt at interpreting the weekend-kudos

    but as for all that other shit your sprouting, close.. but no cigar

  3. Story says:

    I like the Weeknd less after watching this.

  4. mafew says:

    OH GREAT r and B can now afford shock value. This is old

  5. Your Boy says:

    Sexy video. Pushing R&B to some new levels.

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  7. blah says:

    i think “Say wut fader?” was being real generous

  8. check it says:

    Who are you lame people? Are any of you commenters even remotely creative? and has the Fader ever written anything about you or your work? probably not. ya’ll are the types that become critics because you failed at being artists.