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Goapele f. Los Rakas, "Play (Rakas Remix)" MP3

Goapele, known for her enviable bone structure and sultry voice, is a top-shelf goddess. "Play," from her forthcoming album Break of Dawn, is a very quick way to take your thoughts from afternoon grind to late night slow wind. In this rework, Dun and Rich of Los Rakas give it to us in Spanish over a subterranean bassline while Goapele breathily croons, This is what I'm dying to do. We're in too. Los Rakas' new EP, Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada is out now.

Download: Goapele f. Los Rakas, "Play (Rakas Remix)

Goapele f. Los Rakas, "Play (Rakas Remix)" MP3