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Los Rakas f. E-40, “Pimpin Smokin Dro” MP3

Los Rakas and Northern California legend E-40 build a Bay Area bridge linking the new-and-global and the old school classic with “Pimpin Smokin Dro.” Los Rakas are known for their drive to bring reggaeton back … read more »

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Kreayshawn, “Gucci Gucci (Los Rakas Remix)” MP3

Oakland rappers, Los Rakas, have a propensity for bringing reggaeton back to its origins—Panamanian reggae sung in Spanish—while mixing it with street-savvy hip-hop. Here, they’ve put their spin on Kreayshawn’s summer hit, “Gucci, Gucci,” replete … read more »

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Goapele f. Los Rakas, “Play (Rakas Remix)” MP3

Goapele, known for her enviable bone structure and sultry voice, is a top-shelf goddess. “Play,” from her forthcoming album Break of Dawn, is a very quick way to take your thoughts from afternoon grind to … read more »

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Video: Los Rakas, “Hierba”

This is the California dream: Rapping inside a bright, safe and fertile hyrdro house over a relaxed fun beat (Rob-E made it) and dancing with your friends with the disco ball set up, feeling yourself … read more »

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Los Rakas Love Mexico and All the Girls in the World

There are so many types of beautiful women in this video, including a baby. Los Rakas celebrate everyone and they want to give you a chance to celebrate everyone too. They love smiling and wearing … read more »

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Interview: Los Rakas

Rico and Dun of Los Rakas are 23 and 24. For the last four years they’ve matured together, emulating and playing with sounds from their native Panama, dancehall radio and the fallen Bay Area hyphy … read more »

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Video: Los Rakas, “Kalle” + MP3

Rico and Dun are Los Rakas, were born in Panama but are so Bay Area, hyphy in their own way. The video they made for their Uproot Andy “Abrazame” remix featuring Faviola is a San … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 122: Chief Boima / Banana Clipz / Champeta!

Several things happened in the Ghetto Archipelago recently that caught my ear/mind. For instance: the University of the West Indies held a conference on cloud computing to float the idea of transforming the whole Caribbean … read more »

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Banana Clipz f. Los Rakas, “Afro Latino” MP3 + Mega-Mini Mix

As fans of our weekly Ghetto Palms column may know by now, Banana Clipz, the production duo of Chief Boima and Oro 11, have a new EP coming out on November 29th for free on … read more »

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NYC: Go See Frikstailers Tonight + MP3

New York! Frikstailers are from Buenos Aires TECHNICALLY, but we think it’s a ruse and they’re really from a crazy outer-space planet whose inhabitants speak in electro-cumbia blips. Like the dolphins! They’re on a little … read more »

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