Miguel Announces New Album, Shares Three Songs


Miguel, the slinky R&B singer with a not-so stealthy ambition for weirdness, has announced his second album, Kaleidoscope Dreams. Like the three-part series of Art Dealer Chic, mini-EPs he gave away for free this spring, the release will be doled out in three parts. He shared the first, Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview EP, last night. It includes ADC Vol. 1 anchor “Adorn,” on which Miguel reaches for a tender, Usher-esque falsetto, and two new tracks (paranoid “Don’t Look Back” and gorgeous, grungy “Use Me”) and will hit iTunes July 31st. The second EP Air Preview will surface September 11th. The full album will be released October 2nd, combining songs from the first two EPs with an additional five songs. Stream the entire Water Preview EP at SPIN and watch Miguel perform the title track from his first album, All I Want is You, in our conference room, below.

Stream: Miguel, Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview EP

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  1. Bik says:

    This guys music is awesome. Usher-esque on Adorn though? Who ever wrote this has no idea what they’re talking about. Sounds nothing like Usher. (shrugs)

  2. ss says:

    Whoever wrote this is very unclear if they are a Miguel hater, or lover. Def disappointed in FADER for this write-up. “usher-esque” lol. not even close. What kind of a review is ths?

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