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Video: Iceage, "Ecstasy"

Iceage’s New Brigade was a promising, hooky album from a group of Danish kids with a lot of energy. Their follow-up, You're Nothing (out 2/19 on Matador), is much more dense and complex. Most songs still clock in under three minutes, but there's a new sense heaviness to their music—a sort of adult exhaustion that throws direct emotion out the window in favor of complex self-deprecation and ragged yowls. "Ecstasy," both in audio and video form, is two-and-a-half minutes of frantic drumming, cymbals that bleed into each other and vocalist Elias Bender Ronnefelt chant-screaming his voice to shreds. It's not particularly sunny music, and the video mostly sticks to dark corners and light shining through window shades. All this shouldn't exactly add up to an enjoyable listening experience, but it's a testament to Iceage's skill that it's worth coming back to over and over.

Video: Iceage, "Ecstasy"