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Stream: Cuushe, “I Love You”

April 03, 2013

The Japanese label Flau has a great history of cultivating tiny gestures in its artists: Masayoshi Fujita plays just a vibraphone, Twigs & Yarn makes quiet collages, MayMay strums guitar and sings softly, and so on. Though the Berlin-via-Tokyo singer Cuushe's "I Love You" is inherently intimate, with its hushed singing evoking the feeling of another cheek on yours, the song's chill, Mediterranean-influenced guitar-house production is refreshingly bold. Incidentally, it was produced by the label's head honcho, Yasuhiko Fukuzono aka the producer aus, who is on tour in Europe now. "I Love You" will feature on Cuushe's as-yet untitled album, scheduled for a July 8th release.

Stream: Cuushe, "I Love You"

Posted: April 03, 2013
Stream: Cuushe, “I Love You”