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Video: inc., “Angel”

Photographer John Francis Peters
July 31, 2013

To be honest, when I first heard inc.’s perfect album no world, "Angel" was the song that immediately stood out as encapsulating everything I love about the Aged brothers, that perfect blend of smooth R&B with evasive lyrics so odd that they seemed to unsettle even as they soothed: Take me to the river and I'll be your angel. What could that mean? You could imagine a serial killer saying such a thing, but cooed by inc., it feels like the sweetest invite I could ever imagine. Much of the same could be said for the new video. What is going on? The Ageds are in pajamas, running in slow motion, and then a guitar lights on fire inexplicably. Why? Or, as I've learned from my undying love for no world, maybe it's better not to ask questions when something pleases so much.

Posted: July 31, 2013
Video: inc., “Angel”