Download an exclusive HBK Gang FADER mix to go along with the Bay Area rap collective’s print feature, in the magazine now.

Photographer Joyce Kim
February 18, 2014

Naomi Zeichner's FADER feature on HBK Gang is chilling online in its entirety, and will be on newsstands soon, so their hometown team can post up with the print edition under bucket hats and Bay Area sun. At 17 members strong, HBK is a pretty sizable crew, and so we thought what better than a FADER mix to get y'all acquainted. Their own DJ Amen hooked it up. MP3 download and tracklist are below.

Download: HBK Gang's FADER Mix

IAMSU - Go Crazy
Sage - Gas Pedal
P-Lo - One Time
IAMSU - Up (Blend)
Sage - College Drop
Skip - In This Bitch
Kool John - Quit Cattin
IAMSU, 2 Chainz, Sage - Only That Real (Full Song)
IAMSU - Bout Me
IAMSU - Mobbin
Skipper - Up (Blend)
IAMSU, Kool John - Gettin It
Sage - Red Nose
IAMSU, Juvenile - 100 Grand
P-Lo - This My Shit
IAMSU, Wiz Khalifa - Goin Up
Jay Ant - Do That
IAMSU, Kool John, Jay Ant, Skip, P-Lo - Never Goin Broke (Full Song)
Rossi, IAMSU - Like This (Blend)
IAMSU, CJ - She Ready
Skipper, Dave Steezy - That's My Word
Sage - Swerv
IAMSU - Get It In (Blend)
P-Lo - Goin To Work
Jay Ant - Free
IAMSU - Return of the Mac
2 Chainz, IAMSU - Living
Jay Ant - Online
IAMSU - Hipster Girls (Full Song

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