Stream: Gucci Mane, “Trap Numbers”


Gucci Mane‘s current legal situation is grim even by his standards (he’s said to be looking at up to 20 years on federal gun charges). As depressing as that may be, there’s no doubt that there exist volumes of unreleased material, and on the latest, “Trap Numbers,” Gucci sounds revitalized. He’s tightened his flow where it has dragged a bit in recent years, revisiting his nimbler late-00s pace. Plus, I feel like I haven’t heard his yeeeeaaahh adlib in ages—welcome back.

Stream: Gucci Mane, “Trap Numbers”

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  1. David says:

    He sounds revitalized because it’s the acapella from “Go Ham On Em” from like ’07-’08 put over a new beat.

  2. Adam says:

    Hahaha for real, it even says “blend” in the song title.

  3. Foxy says:

    Spend more time in mixtape world, Meaghan. Learn what ‘blend’ means.