Dizzee Rascal Knuckles up with Fekky on Blazing New Single, “Still Sittin’ Here”


You don’t want to hear me complain about the pitfalls of fame / You wanna see me knuckle up and go against the grain / Frankly I feel the same—it’s what Dizzee Rascal fans have been dying to hear for time. Since way back, when a 17-year-old Londoner called Dylan Mills released his debut album Boy In Da Corner in 2003 and rose to worldwide acclaim. There’s been plenty of good times over the years but it’s been hard not to yearn for a little of the fire he first stoked. “Still Sittin’ Here” delivers: it’s a collab with rising London MC Fekky in which the duo go in over a Splurgeboys beat that samples Dizzee’s “Sittin’ Here,” the opener to the his seminal debut. Apparently Fekky was originally going to release the single himself but then Dizzee heard it, loved it and got involved. The single’s now coming out on Dizzee’s label Dirtee Stank on August 25th but you can enjoy the bubu-banging video right here, right now. It might be just a mad coincidence that this song’s dropping in a week that’s seen Dizzee’s former mentor Wiley rightly riled about BBC radio station 1Xtra crowning Ed Sheeran “the most important artist in black and urban music” but it’s a timely reminder all the same.

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