In Other News: Amy Winehouse, Richard Linklater, and the Long-Awaited Return of Surge

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September 15, 2014

Millennials Rejoice: Surge Is Coming Back

Surge—the lemon-lime soft drink that your mom never bought because she said it made you "hyper" but you secretly drank at the neighbors' house anyway—went extinct in 2002.  Now, thanks to some insanely dedicated Facebook campaigning, Coca-Cola is brining it back, Business Week reports. Can't wait to pick up a six pack on Amazon (the only place it's available, for now) and play some Tony Hawk Pro Skater—the first one.  

There's an Amy Winehouse Statue in Camden Now

Yesterday, Amy Winehouse would have turned 31. In honor of the gone-too-soon soul singer, sculptor Scott Eaton designed a life-size memorial statue in her likeness. It was unveiled yesterday in the Camden section of London. Read our vintage GEN F profile on Winehouse, a troubled, talented artist with a voice we'll never forget. 

Richard Linklater Gets to Work on his "Spiritual Sequel" to Dazed And Confused

For a certain type of dewey-eyed filmgoer, Richard Linklater's Boyhood ruled the summer. Now that it's (somewhat) behind him, he's gotten to work casting another one of his long-stewing projects: a sort-of sequel to his iconic, cross-generational cult favorite Dazed And Confused. According to IndieWire, Linklater has been eyeing buzzy TV stars and relative unknowns for roles in That's What I'm Talking About, a movie that follows high school grads preparing for their freshman year of college. If it's like Dazed—or even Boyhood—there will certainly be a heightened emphasis on the hazy, mundane, in-between moments of being young.  

New Panda Bear Material Circulates via Live Bootleg

Panda Bear, who just recently headlined Gorilla vs. Bear IV and crafted a spaced-out mix, has a new album coming soon. Today, Pitchfork shared a live recording of his show at Mohawk in Texas last night, where the Animal Collective member previewed more music from Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. Stream the bootleg audio below. 

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In Other News: Amy Winehouse, Richard Linklater, and the Long-Awaited Return of Surge