69 Unforgettable FADER Photographs From 2014

​FADER photographers captured spectacular, intimate moments this year. These are some of our favorites.

December 15, 2014

From shooting fashion stories in the rice fields of Bali to hanging with Ratking in NYC's Chinatown, The FADER's exceptional roster of photographers have seen a lot in 2014. It's impossible to sum up everything we worked on last year in one run, but here are a few gems that stand out, taken for our magazine and this site. Thanks to Alex Welsh for helping us see the first days on the ground in Ferguson, thanks to Young Thug for letting us in his house, thanks to Lana Del Rey for trying on my jacket, and to all the artists who've shared their time this year. Here's to 2015.

From The Collection:

69 Unforgettable FADER Photographs From 2014